Apply matches applicants and vacancies on both experience and personality

In today’s economy, the job search is usually a stressful endeavor. While unemployment rates in the U.S. are slowly dropping, applicants still need any advantage they can get. Apply, a new job search platform, aims to improve the process for employers and employees alike. The idea is to match candidates with vacancies based not only on qualifications and experience but also on personality type. Apply’s application combines a user’s LinkedIn profile with a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment (applicants who have never taken a Myers-Briggs test can do so at a discount through the Apply site). This system can also be incorporated into an employer’s database for internal job switches, enabling employees to search for vacancies within their company that may better suit their skills and temperament.

Apply is following a trend toward greater personalization, making experiences, products and services even more tailored to individual preferences, behaviors and attitudes. Increasingly, consumers expect businesses not to treat every customer the same but to understand exactly how each is unique. In this instance, personalization not only helps match applicants and employers but can remove some of the anxiety around starting a new job, since theoretically you should fit in perfectly.

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