Corona Beach Bar offers a fantasy alternative for Europe’s unemployed

The global crisis is in its fifth year, and unemployment figures are high as never before. Europe is struggling with an average of 11 percent, while some countries, such as Spain, see numbers as high as 24 percent. The crisis has hit especially hard among younger people, who feel they have lost out on their future and have no prospects. (People joke that there are three ways out of this crisis: by plane, by train and by boat.) Corona Extra, the Mexican beer, is offering a fourth escape route for one lucky European: to leave it all behind and open a bar at the beach, doing what people always say they’d like to do to change their life.

Created by JWT, this summer promotion offers the chance to become “Boss of a Beach Bar” for three months, thus earning a great salary while getting work experience. The promotion will be launched in nine European countries and supported by a campaign on MTV, as well in bars and supermarkets in some countries. Users can apply via the Facebook application, stating why they would leave behind their current life. A jury will select 10 candidates for interviews, then select one lucky winner. Corona Beach Bar is a fun promotion that allows consumers to dream and escape reality, even if momentarily.

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  • I am so interested in this, it looks amazing and exactly want I’d love to do! This would be perfect for my crazy lifestyle and break with an awesome job on a beach would top it off! Sign me up

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