In challenging category, New York Presbyterian breaks through with powerful testimonials

When it comes to hospital advertising, consumers often react with fear and anxiety, even extending to feelings of guilt. The ads frequently broach subjects that are uncomfortable for the average person. Sometimes, the category tries to break into more emotional, heart-wrenching territory, but those campaigns can quickly become cliché, losing the audience before the real message has been delivered. As a result, the category is one where it can be hard for consumers to feel a connection. So how does a hospital talk about real issues without building anxiety or feeling trite?

At a time when consumers are responding to authenticity and genuine voices, New York Presbyterian stands out with a powerful testimonial-driven campaign. These understated black-and-white spots are distinctive in their simplicity of message and authenticity of voice. Former patients talk openly about their experiences, sharing incredible stories about defying the odds and further supporting the hospital’s ongoing “Amazing Things Are Happening Here” campaign. By keeping its approach simple and honest, this hospital is able to broach anxiety-producing subjects in an engaging, genuine way. Other brands may be able to make similarly difficult subjects more approachable by considering this type of tactic.

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