With days numbered, Canadian chain Zellers goes for broke

If you knew you had only one year to live, what would you do? You’d likely throw caution to the wind. Any anxiety about taking risks would magically disappear. You’d go out strong. This is exactly what’s happening in Canada with the 80-year-old retail chain Zellers. This time next year it will be no more, replaced by Target. So Zellers is going all-out with a social marketing campaign that asks customers to submit their unforgettable memories of the store. Sometimes funny, sometimes touching, the best stories receive a quirky reenactment.

These wacky online videos are a brave step for Zellers. Actually, they’d be a brave step for any marketing department. But why wait until you’ve received a death sentence before throwing anxiety out the window? What would have happened if Zellers had displayed this kind of boldness over the years? So long, Zellers. I hope your final days inspire more marketers to take chances—to treat each project like they have one year left to live. How freeing would that be?

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