Special K puts real women, realistic goals in the spotlight

We’re seeing more and more campaigns that aim to make women more confident in themselves rather than inducing anxiety by putting forth unattainable beauty standards. Dove, long known for using “real” women in its “Campaign for Real Beauty,” recently created an app that replaced negative ad messages with positive messages. Under Armour’s “What’s Beautiful” campaign urges women to take power back “from the marketers who want us to look Photoshopped.” In Thailand, the Oriental Princess cosmetics brand says, “Why be like everyone else? Why not accept the way you are?” and in Slovenia, Avon installed a mirror on a busy street that dealt out compliments to women passing by.

Kellogg’s joins the club with a Special K campaign in the U.K. called “What will you gain when you lose?” With an emphasis on the internal benefits of losing weight, gone are the brand’s slender models dressed in red. A new commercial features real women of various shapes and sizes getting weighed on the street, with the scale showing words like “amazing” and “stylish” rather than a number. On the campaign website, women can record their goals and share what they’ve achieved. Brands are coming to understand that a positive, hope-fueled approach can be more effective than one that simply showcases aspirational ideals.

Photo Credit: www.specialk.com

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  • This is great! I know a lot of woman love the dove commercials as they don’t feel their self esteem dropping when commercials come on.

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