Jiffy Lube tells car owners to ‘Leave worry behind’

When people think about car care, they don’t often get the warm and fuzzies. Auto maintenance is often a stressful process, leaving drivers feeling like they’ve been up-sold or inconveniencing them to the point of deep frustration. While drivers understand the importance of routine maintenance—particularly as more of them try to hold on to their cars longer—many put it off for as long as possible, not eager to be stranded at the dealership for hours while wondering if that mechanic is trying to find something to fix.

Jiffy Lube recently launched a campaign via JWT Atlanta with the tagline “Leave worry behind,” centered on relieving anxiety around automotive maintenance. The message is that Jiffy Lube’s expert preventive maintenance services mean you don’t have to worry about being hoodwinked by those “other guys.” While the TV commercial focuses on differentiating Jiffy Lube from other maintenance providers, the service centers further support the mission of combating customer anxiety, with improved appearances, free coffee, additional transparency through windows overlooking the service bays and the use of a database loaded with manufacturer recommendations. In addition, the OCS program, introduced last year, enables customers to pick their own oil change intervals, giving them a sense of input and control in the process, whereas before they felt little to none.

Jiffy Lube is rethinking how we think about car care, taking steps to make the process more pleasant for drivers. How can other categories that also create anxiety similarly help to alleviate undue stress?

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