Liberty Mutual shows its empathetic side with ‘Humans’ campaign

Insurance companies are at the center of anxiety-producing incidents in consumers’ lives, and many people feel that dealing with these companies only compounds their stress. With its newest campaign, “Humans,” Liberty Mutual is trying to distinguish itself in the category by making the company seem more, well, human, with a commercial touting its “empathy towards policyholders in times when they need us,” in the words of a press release.

“At Liberty Mutual Insurance, we get that it’s tough out there, and our job is to make it less tough,” says the voiceover (actor Paul Giamatti) as we see golfers unwittingly hitting balls into a car window and a husband accidentally putting his foot through drywall. Other mishaps range from the serious (a car rolls downhill without its owner) to the silly (a woman’s blouse gets doused with ketchup). Liberty Mutual shows that it forgives consumers for their human flaws in a lighthearted and relatable way, an engaging contrast to typical insurance ads. The humor is also more earnest than that usually seen in the category, and likely an approach that consumers who hate dealing with insurance companies will respond to more positively. The simple, understanding message really does a nice job of portraying Liberty Mutual as a supportive partner, breathing humanity into an industry often chastised for its lack thereof.

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