L.A. Tourism Board helps visitors simplify trip-planning


Understanding the anxiety associated with planning a visit to a large, culture-rich city like Los Angeles, the L.A. Tourism & Convention Board developed discoverLosAngeles.com (with help from Digitaria, a JWT company), which provides an organized setting to map out a trip. The site targets both tourists and locals, since finding new activities in your hometown can often be stale, as you get stuck in a routine.

The “Experience Builder” provides a dashboard for users to collect things to see, do and eat in a centralized place, alleviating concerns of manually writing down and planning in different locations. Titled “My LA,” the dashboard feels personable to the user, while a custom map pinpoints where selected activities are throughout Los Angeles, helping users minimize travel time and maximize quality time at each destination. Vivid imagery, celebrity guidance on specific places to visit and off-site content on social media channels are designed to inspire people to explore and interact with the city’s offerings.

Trip planning is a process that used to be streamlined—you’d go to a travel agent, who would book everything for you—but now most travelers try to plan it all on their own, ending up overwhelmed or feeling they’re missing out on the best of the best. This initiative helps to alleviate that anxiety.

Photo Credit: discoverlosangeles.com/experience-builder 

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