Planet Fitness brings perfection down a notch with ‘No Pintimidation’

No Pintimidation

Targeting Americans who aren’t currently gym-goers, the chain Planet Fitness aims to soothe the anxieties of everyday shlubs who feel out of their element at the gym. It promises a “Judgement Free Zone,” described as a “safe, energetic environment, where everyone feels accepted and respected.” And its “no lunks” policy forbids overly macho behaviors like grunting and weight-dropping, with offenders asked to leave. This year Planet Fitness introduced the line “No Gymtimidation” in its messaging, with commercials that mock fanatics and other intimidating types.

The most recent iteration of the campaign, “No Pintimidation,” was inspired by a study that found that 42 percent of American mothers are stressed out by images on Pinterest. “Who can live up to all this pinned perfection?” asks the campaign microsite, which offers to “de-pintimidate” any overly intimidating images. The site adorns images that users upload with an overlay of whimsical patterns, cats, flowers, etc. Given the primacy of images on the Web these days, it’s a smart way to keep building the brand’s down-to-earth, fun and informal persona.

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