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Face-It skin care brand asks Israeli teens to ‘face’ their fears

face-itTeens are perpetually anxious about what their peers think of them. While today’s digital world is one where teens tend to wear masks—even with close friends—they want to know how they are really perceived. To help Israeli teens uncover the answer, Face-It, a skin care line from Israeli pharmaceutical company Trima, created a campaign titled “Face-It—That’s What You Are” on Facebook. Almost 100,000 teens took part, and 38,000 “liked” Face-It on Facebook; they also downloaded mobile coupons, contributing to a substantial sales increase.

Teens were invited to send Facebook friends of their choosing questionnaires with questions such as “How up to date am I when it comes to fashion?”; “How funny are my jokes?”; and “How good a friend am I?” While answering the questions, users were exposed to the Face-It products and a “Buy one, get one free” coupon. The questioner received the results privately, while friends responded anonymously. We kept the tone playful and light and created a wide range of questions, so each teen was sure to get some positive and funny answers.

By recruiting members of their social network to help them face one of their greatest anxieties, teens could gain insight into their public persona. Participants started talking about and comparing their scores, and suggesting new Face-it questions related to things they wanted to know but were afraid to ask. The campaign succeeded in reaching existing and potential customers by creating a better match between the offer and the user’s profile, as well as uncovering the “true value” of the brand—a value that is far greater than a mere economic opportunity.

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