Posts by Romy Gakh and Nir Arnon - Tel Aviv

A green radio station proves a respite for Israeli listeners

Last year, Israeli radio station 99fm was relaunched and rebranded as a green channel, eco99fm. The objective was to promote awareness of issues such as carbon emissions, water pollution, endangered wildlife and recycling. The effort seems to be more than greenwash. In addition to offering useful tips on solar energy, eco-gardening, greening the kitchen and water efficiency, the station produces talk programs covering global green topics, news and so on. Eco99fm has also initiated campaigns to promote its goals, such as partnering with the Environment Protection Ministry for the One Less Plastic Bag campaign, which urged shoppers to reduce their use of plastic bags.

Israelis are constantly anxious about geopolitical tension, complex internal political issues and the possibility of war, and eco99fm has become the one station providing content that’s out of the ordinary yet surprisingly normal. It deals with global issues from a lens outside the local bubble, conveying a sense of belonging to the global village for a country that’s becoming more concerned about issues beyond the Middle East.

Tapping into the desire for normalcy has proved a big success: After years of mixed results, the rebranded station has achieved a 60 percent increase in ratings.


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