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tesco-bogofValue deals and incentives proliferated during the downturn as consumers with shrinking budgets increasingly focused on finding deals. This includes “Buy one, get one free,” or BOGOF, offers. But encouraging consumers to get more than they need creates a huge amount of food waste, something the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in the U.K. is trying to fight. The Times Online reported last year on a government finding that British “households throw away 4.1 million tons of food each year that could have been eaten if it had been managed better.” The cost to the average household is £420 a year.

Tesco has addressed the issue by introducing “Buy one, get one free later” for perishable goods that may spoil before being consumed. This is an ingenious solution that still helps consumers who are cost-conscious and boosts Tesco’s sustainability credentials. Finally, it ties the consumer into repeat shopping in order to redeem offers, increasing brand dependency and footfall.

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