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The Youth’s New Mantra: Have Less, Imagine More

millennialsJWT is at the forefront of research on teens and twentysomethings (the cohort that’s often referred to as the Millennial generation or Gen Y). For our most recent study, AnxietyIndex: The Recession and Its Impact on the Youth Market, we surveyed hundreds of twentysomethings and teenagers in Australia, Brazil, Canada, the U.K. and the U.S.

One of the more interesting findings is that while twentysomethings are resentful about how the recession is impacting their generation, many see an upside to it. As I note on The Huffington Post, while today’s twentysomethings have every right to be angry and disappointed, they’re not letting resentment get the best of them. Their optimism and self-reliance stand in defiance of the depressing headlines.

Visit the Trends and Research page to download the results from the multi-market study.

JetBlue welcomes bigwigs

No, the irony doesn’t escape me. As CEO of JWT, I’m now championing the work of one of our clients, JetBlue, which in its latest viral campaign pokes fun at stuffy, stodgy … CEOs. Specifically, it makes fun of CEO Carl Davis, who has to eschew his corporate jet and fly with “regular people.” But with JetBlue he finds that flying commercial is much like jetting—with leather seats, personal entertainment options and excellent customer care included.

As one blog commenter noted, the campaign’s levity is a dicey proposition now that cynicism toward CEO types is real and is at an all-time high. But a little humor can serve as a much-needed mental break for customers. And it works perfectly with JetBlue’s distinctly un-stuffy, anti-stodgy airline brand.

And for those seeking assurance along with humor, the airline has extended the JetBlue Promise Program—which offers full refunds to customers who lose full-time jobs before a trip they’ve booked—to include Getaways vacation packages. Instilling confidence in consumers during these anxious times makes good business sense.