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McCain Rustic Chips ‘absolve you of any regret or even shame’

Faced with constant reminders to limit intake of fatty, sugary and salty foods, consumers—especially body-conscious women—are often left feeling anxious about their choices, especially as headlines tell us how much overweight and obesity is rising in the U.K. (the percentage of adults who are obese has roughly doubled since the mid-’80s). For the launch of McCain Rustic Chips, which contain only 3 percent fat, the brand is positioning the snack as “100% guilt free” and giving people permission to dig in, likely to be a welcome message for consumers dealing with an economy that leaves little room for indulgence.

In addition to ads in the London tube, McCain is extending its theme with a “Goodbye Guilt Facebook app, which tells visitors, “So now we’ve managed to absolve you of any regret or even shame when it comes to indulging in the good old-fashioned chip, we thought we might be able to help you get rid of any other guilty feelings you may have.” Visitors are encouraged to “confess” their guilty secrets to Ben, a cute and understanding Rustic farmer, for a chance to win a “guilt free” shopping trip to New York. By building a platform for people to share their guilt, McCain assures consumers that no one is perfect, removing some anxiety around food choices.

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