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Knorr-sponsored Chinese TV show spotlights healthy cooking

Chinese consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about nutrition. In general they take a proactive approach to their health, trying to avoid sickness by living a healthy lifestyle. And today, people are growing more aware of what constitutes healthy living, with the mass market shifting to “good” oil, for example, and the middle class and above getting more interested in organic produce and even in growing their own vegetables. Today’s consumers are willing to spend more on healthier food and nutritional supplements, avoiding processed and oily foods.

One brand leveraging this is Unilever’s Knorr, which is sponsoring a TV show called Star Chef War. It features famous chefs cooking special dishes with a nutritional approach; celebrities come on the show to taste the food and comment on it. The dishes are a fusion of traditional recipes with Western cooking styles and innovative twists, appealing to modern sensibilities.

Right now food brands in China have much opportunity for innovation in both communication and products, given the importance of food in Chinese culture, the rising standard of living and the strong connection in consumers’ minds between diet and illness prevention.

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