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How Listerine has stayed one step ahead in Colombia

The recession has seen a contraction in the weekly shopping, and in Colombia, one of the most affected categories is personal care products, many of which consumers regard as non-essential. When Listerine saw that mouthwash appeared to be an exception—it’s the only subcategory within oral care that has shown growth in the past year—it did some research.

listerineThe most significant finding was that consumers are focused on prevention, with the recession prompting them to take better care of themselves in order to avoid bigger doctors’ bills. With this consumer insight, Listerine decided to stop media support of its premium-focused “Total Control” campaign and develop and communicate a local campaign re-enforcing the brand essence to a wider target: that Listerine provides “A truly clean mouth.”

The campaign has proved effective: Listerine’s products have kept up their sales, allowing the brand to maintain its category leadership. And now it’s well-positioned as the oral care expert, further strengthening its bond with consumers.