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first:utility’s Smart Meter gives more control to U.K. consumers

first:utilityOne thing recent times have taught us is that it’s important to have control over our money. Eighteen months of cold recession winds biting at our extremities have left an impression that will last a while. So why do we still open our household energy bills with the type of face normally reserved for a horror flick?

I’ll tell you … come closer … a bit closer … BOO!

Did I get you? Nobody likes a surprise! So first:utility, a challenger in the U.K. energy market, is responding with the Smart Meter, a small box that lives in your house and provides up-to-date readings of your total output, current output and bill to date. In a market where more than 80 percent do not know how much they pay for their gas and electricity, and one in 10 never looks at their meters, this move could mean the warmth of total control for the consumer and a chill down the neck of the major players in the market.

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