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With Northern Japan flavor, Nestlé adds emotional impact to Kit Kat purchase

Following the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Nestlé customer service got calls from consumers saying they would like to support the victims with Kit Kat. The precedence was Kit Kat Mail, an award-winning 2009 initiative (from JWT Japan) that allowed people to send a good luck token and a personal greeting to exam-taking students right on the Kit Kat package. So in late May, Nestlé started selling “zunda flavor” Kit Kat nationwide—the product had been available only in Northern Japan, where zunda (green bean paste) is a traditional sweet and where tourists would buy it as a souvenir. It costs 10 yen (about 12 cents) more than regular Kit Kats, and Nestlé is donating this portion of sales to the Japanese Red Cross.

Nestlé had already been sending supplies to victims but hadn’t planned a product to support the victims emotionally—one that allows purchasers to “support and cheer for people they care for with Kit Kat,” as the wrapper copy states. The product makes customers think about the Tohoku victims and encourages a more emotional bond. This represents a new way of supporting victims, allowing Nestlé to utilize Kit Kat’s brand value to make support and donation activities a little more relevant and impactful. It is a simple yet meaningful way for Nestlé to use a core strength to bring more emotional impact to its contributions.