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Apparel chain Piazza Italia champions everyday Italians who do the right thing

Piazza Italia, a low-budget apparel chain, is celebrating people Italians can be proud of. With the new tagline “Sponsor for the common people,” Piazza Italia leverages the economic and political situation here: Italians have continuously been submerged by corruption scandals in all the topics we love and fear the most: politics, soccer championship, taxes, pensions. … The campaign is for the ones who had the courage to say no to corruption, for the ones who wake up every day to do their job without falling into the temptation of easy money.

In its first TV commercial, the brand features close-ups of various everyday folks. A voiceover says: “We don’t sign autographs. We wait in line. We don’t have a foreign bank account. We don’t have the leather chair or long life pension. We are the ones who take the field every day without taking a bow, the ones without powers but with big responsibilities. The ones who dream, who get indignant but never throw in the towel. Somebody says we are nobody. The truth is that we are mostly everyone. We are the ones who make true miracles.” In addition, a print campaign portrays the role models Italians should look to, like soccer player Fabio Pisacane, whose refusal to accept €50.000 to fix a game started a judicial inquiry into illegal betting (“calcioscommesse”) on soccer games.

Fiat takes a cue from parent Chrysler to inspire patriotism at a dark time

This new commercial for Fiat’s Panda is an Italian-themed mash-up of Chrysler’s Jeep Grand Cherokee spot from 2010 and its recent Super Bowl ads, “It’s Halftime in America” and “Imported From Detroit” (same company, same philosophy). Much like the U.S. commercials, it reassures Italians that we have the skills and drive to exit the crisis and that with pride and hard work, we will make it. “We can choose which Italy we want to be,” says the voiceover. “Now is the time to decide. Whether to be ourselves or to accept the views imposed on us. Now is the moment to start anew.”

Observing that the ad reflects the “austerity zeitgeist,” Reuters notes that it’s set at a Fiat factory near Naples where the automaker recently moved production of the Panda from a Poland plant. The spot uses the phrase “The things we make, make us,” the tagline from the Grand Cherokee spots, and concludes, “This is the Italy we like” as the Panda drives into the middle of a scenic old village square.

After Fiat’s struggle with labor unions and Italy’s struggle with the economy, and with a new technocratic government that’s trying to turn a crisis into an opportunity, the spot shows an Italy that’s ready for a change. What Italy do we want to be?