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Canadian youth: Opportunity, if not optimism

millennialsWhile Canadian youth are concerned about the recession and how it affects them, they are less anxious than American and British youth, according to The Recession and Its Impact on the Youth Market. If forced to cut their spending, however, many say they would be willing to give up or trade down various amenities—alcohol consumption, gym membership, eating out, etc.—but, as with youth in most other countries JWT surveyed, they would be deeply reluctant to give up the tools that keep them connected: their Internet connection and cell phone.

Interestingly, while Canadian youth feel anxious and even resentful that current economic conditions unfairly burden their generation, many see opportunities for themselves in the downturn (e.g., returning to school, being able to afford a house, starting their own business). They have less to lose than older, more established cohorts, and perhaps they’re simply trying to feel as though they have control over their own destiny.