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Eurosport plays with soccer fans’ anxiety


Before each big football game or competition, men are anxious about being unable to watch because of interference from their wife. Last year Heineken took this guy problem into consideration in Italy, with a prank that led to a viral video. JWT Italy created an elaborate ruse: Hundreds of football fans were asked to forget about watching an important league game in order to follow their girlfriends, bosses or parents to an opera. To their eventual delight, however, there was no opera—Heineken sponsored a screening of the game at the concert hall.

This year it’s Eurosport France that will help guys not to miss a game. The sports channel is sponsoring (“Save My World Cup”), a contest that gives men 90 seconds to explain through their Webcam why their wife should be as far away as possible during the World Cup. The site is clever, masking participants’ faces, and changing their voices. The guy who gets the most votes will win a weeklong trip to South Africa—actually a safari for his wife and her friends. Meanwhile, he’ll be in Corsica with 10 friends, watching the World Cup by the pool.

The contest is a good idea because it taps into something everybody identifies with, and it’s personal and fun. Plus, everyone wins: the soccer fan and his friends, his wife and her friends, and the brand.

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