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AmBev campaign aims to boost Brazilians’ water consciousness

waterOn World Water Day last month, the largest beverage company in Brazil, AmBev, launched Movimento Cyan (“Movement Cyan”) to communicate its sustainability platform. With the concept “When you see water, you see value,” AmBev took an innovative approach, “painting” in blue newspaper front pages, website homepages and important blogs; creating a “bottle magazine” (information about sustainability and the movement in a waterproof magazine attached to a bottle that was distributed on local airlines); and sponsoring public art installations by Guto Lacaz, a well-known artist. This was the first time a company had conducted this type of campaign, and it got huge press coverage.

As part of the initiative, AmBev committed to establish a “water footprint,” an indicator of both direct and indirect water consumption created by the Dutch group Water Footprint Network. Latin Americans are concerned about global warming—recent JWT AnxietyIndex research found their anxiety is higher than the global average—and of the four Latin American countries we’ve surveyed so far, Brazilians are significantly more anxious than their regional peers. AmBev’s move is a smart way to make Brazilians more conscious of water consumption issues and respond to the anxiety of those who are already aware.


Photo Credit: darkpatator