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When life gets in the way of NASCAR, Daytona provides fans a safety net

Daytona 500NASCAR fans are die-hard. They’re some of the sports world’s most dedicated fans around–often driving 500 miles or more to see their favorite drivers round corners at 200 miles per hour within inches of each other. But sometimes life has other plans for race weekend. A few years back, Daytona International Speedway introduced ticket insurance, a way to ease customers’ minds and convince them to renew their tickets more than six months in advance. The insurance protects against job loss, illness and myriad other unfortunate circumstances that may prevent someone from attending a race.

Until recently, however, this insurance protection didn’t cover against Mother Nature. So last year, when the Daytona 500 was postponed (for the first time ever) due to rain, fans who couldn’t stay on until Monday were unable to get a refund on their unused tickets. But now, Daytona has changed insurance providers, and rain delays are covered. That’s one more reason to book early and keep those tickets in the family.

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