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Power saving is fun

Due to the energy shortages caused by Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, Tokyo residents are focused on overcoming the summer season’s power saving challenge. The government is promoting the idea of wearing cooler, casual clothes such as aloha shirts and shorts in business settings, a campaign called “Super Cool Biz.” And home appliance manufacturers and electronics retailers are promoting “nostalgic” electric fans (which use less power than air conditioners) and energy-efficient LED light bulbs, turning the situation into a business opportunity.

Interestingly, Tokyo residents have started to enjoy these lifestyle changes. Although there are inconveniences, people also find it fun “going back to the good old 20th century culture” before air conditioning was everywhere, reverting to old-fashioned solutions. I shaved my 4-year-old son’s head, as he feels cooler with less hair. And people are competing with neighbors to see who saves the most energy.

One of the strengths of the Japanese is that they are essentially adaptable, able to roll with the punches and make the best of anxiety-provoking situations. It is important that companies and brands keep looking for ways to engage consumers in an upbeat way and help them see the upside of their current circumstances.


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