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Ireland says ‘Yes!’ to Unilever price reductions

200923-knorr-stock-lower-prWalking around Dublin, you can’t miss the campaign from Unilever. “Who wants lower prices on the Flora range?” one ad on the side of a building reads. “Who wants lower prices on Cif sprays?” another plastered on a bus asks. “Who wants lower prices on Vaseline lotions?” yet another begs. Each time the answer—punctuated by a check mark in a box—is unanimous: “Ireland says Yes!”

Smartly, the campaign is riding the wave that followed Ireland’s overwhelmingly positive vote for the Lisbon Treaty, which includes a pulling together of all EU members in matters of legislation, trade, etc. Following the Oct. 2 vote, there was an air of good feeling (which is thin on the ground), a slight togetherness and almost a sense of maturity in the country. (When the treaty first came up for a vote in June 2008, Ireland was the only country to have a referendum out of the 27 EU states, citing reasons such as loss of sovereignty and a lack of clarity around the specifics.)

What’s even more smart is the fine print in the ads: Unilever says it’s reducing its prices for retailers “to help them reduce prices for you.” A press release about the campaign crams in the facts: “With 1.3 million Unilever products sold in retail outlets nationwide every day in Ireland and an average price reduction of 11 percent across 70 percent of its 900-strong brand portfolio, Unilever Ireland’s price reductions will play a significant part in delivering real value to consumers on premium brands.”

With Ireland’s unemployment rate hitting 13 percent, its citizens need all the help they can get. Unilever trimming prices positions the company as an ally in trying times and will help to instill good will in the consumer not only now but in the years to come.

Photo credit: Gavin Doyle