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Trident: When ‘little’ means a lot

In our latest trend report, The Small Movement, we discuss the cultural shift toward smaller, more streamlined and simpler. Adjusting to this new culture of restraint is tricky for marketers that have relied on tapping into the old “bigger is better” mentality. The trick is to show how a product or service can help relieve stress, simplify life and better the consumer’s world.

At JWT, we’ve made simplicity a core theme of Trident’s new campaign. The chewing gum’s tagline, “A little piece of happy,” was based on the simple insight that gum can’t solve the world’s problems—but it can make the moment a bit better. Chewing a piece of Trident gum is like experiencing “a little piece of happy”: It gives you a lift and leaves you with a smile, even through these tough times.

The problems the world is grappling with now are huge. Even intimidating. But instead of promising a superlative benefit, Trident shows that a brand can become more relevant by recognizing the true extent of the contribution it can make—it may be little, but it can also be magic.