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Pernod Ricard app helps imbibers track alcohol consumption

We’ve written a few posts about how alcohol brands (including Heineken and Martini) encourage responsible drinking by responding to various consumer anxieties. Recently, Pernod Ricard, the parent of brands including Absolut, Jameson and Malibu, launched an app called Wise Drinking that helps people concerned about their ability to drive, estimating users’ blood alcohol concentration. Available in 37 languages, the app takes into account gender, weight, time of the last meal and the type and quantity of alcohol consumed. Wise Drinking also offers advice on how to pace alcohol consumption and a “Get me home” button for one-touch calls to emergency services and selected friends.

Pernod Ricard is also partnering with Alcohoot, a startup selling a $99 breathalyzer that plugs in to mobile headphone jacks and provides a more exact measure of sobriety. The product “has the potential to change behavior,” according to a statement from Pernod head Bryan Fry. Wise Drinking includes integration with Alcohoot’s app.

While promoting safe drinking is a challenge—in this case, Wise Drinking requires potentially inebriated users to remember to input the information each time they have a drink—providing the tools to make more informed choices and encouraging more mindful consumption throughout the night is a move in the right direction.

Knob Creek puts silver lining on stormy cloud

knob-creek-advertisementFolks calming their recession-wracked nerves with a smooth shot of bourbon might find their bottle’s run dry, at least if they drink Knob Creek. Last month, the bourbon maker ran ads in American weekend papers, apologizing for running out of stock until November. Ad copy that read “Thanks for nothing” was paired with a near empty bottle. The line was a delightful twist on the morbid feeling shared by homeowners, stockholders and small-business owners alike these days.

If the tongue-in-cheek thank you note sounds like cold comfort to thirsty customers, think again. Knob Creek has managed to do what most other brands haven’t—pin a silver lining on a stormy cloud. Sure, the bourbon’s stores have run out, but at least someone’s doing well. According to a report in The Guardian, the company is growing by double-digit percentages, and the American consumer is to thank.

Thank you, Knob Creek, for putting the consumer back in the driver’s seat and reminding us that it’s always driest before the dawn. Perhaps by the time Knob Creek’s Christmas batch hits shelves, we’ll be toasting our recovery instead of drowning our fiscal woes.