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PayPal assures peace of mind on payments

As we’ve noted here, security issues like the Heartbleed bug and data breaches at companies like Target have people increasingly worried about the safety of their personal information. Now a campaign from PayPal aims to alleviate anxiety about making digital payments. In a spot that takes a lighthearted tone, actress Samira Wiley of Orange Is the New Black assures, “With PayPal, your financial information is protected and never shared with stores—like it’s sealed in a vault with titanium locks, guarded by ninjas.” The spot, titled “Buy Some Peace of Mind,” concludes with the line, “Banishing worry one click at a time.”

As more payments go digital and more consumers use their mobile phones and potentially wearable devices to pay for goods, many more businesses are competing with PayPal for a share of this market. Consumers will be weighing the pros and cons of using these new means of payments, and all the middlemen will have to assure potential customers that security will not be an issue.

New Saudi bank targets consumers most likely to be anxious

Saudi Arabia is very fiscally conservative, and messaging from banks focuses on the careful relationship between the person and his money. The banks are very cautious about who they loan to; earlier this year, our work for HSBC (known locally as SABB) targeted reliable prospects with stable jobs.

picture-31Saudis who are on the brink of a new life—recent graduates, new parents, first-time homebuyers—tend to be anxious about how they will secure the funding to fulfill their dreams. A new bank, Al-Inma, is making a revolutionary and risky move, going against the grain by promising loans to the strivers. Its hope-filled message is based around the unique Arabic word “Tafa’al,” which encourages people to be optimistic. Al-Inma is positioning itself as the bank that helps all borrowers achieve their goals, even in hard times, a message that’s been very successful in gaining awareness for the bank.