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A health site warns ‘Don’t Google it’ in clever ways

Almost all of us have Googled health issues at some point, so it’s easy to see the humor in a campaign from Belgian medical site Gezondheid en Wetenschap, which claims that some three-quarters of the population “calls in doctor Google for medical advice.” A TV ad makes light of the strange and awful results that can come up in a Google search, which stir up fear and anxiety but do little to provide reliable information.

Going a step further, the campaign advises against Googling by enlisting Google AdWords, warning people at the right time and place. As a case study video explains, the first result upon Googling “twitching eyelid” is “Don’t Google it, consult a reliable source.” Upon clicking through, you reach Gezondheid en Wetenschap, a site approved by the Flemish government, who is the client here.

The effort is a clever way to alleviate what is often undue anxiety and guide consumers to reliable information, ultimately helping the medical system by creating more educated patients.

With Helpouts, Google adds new platform for solving consumer questions

Armed with myriad tutorials and information from across the Web, today’s consumers feel empowered and confident to take on just about any project. But they may still have questions or self-doubt, and should things go completely awry, online tutorials offer no place to turn for quick assistance. Google’s recently launched Helpouts—“Real help from real people in real time”—aims to connect consumers with experts who can teach or troubleshoot via around-the-clock video chats.

Helpouts are available in a wide range of categories including health, fashion and beauty, home and garden, art and music, and cooking. The platform has 1,000 vetted experts so far, some of whom represent brands, among them Weight Watchers, Rosetta Stone and Sephora. Some of these are free, and some have fees, paid in 15-minute or 1-minute increments. Rather than trying to provide one-size-fits-all solutions for consumers, Google is positioning itself as a key player in helping people learn and solve problems.