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Indian jewelry brand Tanishq boldly celebrates remarriage

In India, remarriage has been a thorny issue, much more so for women than for men. In a patriarchal culture, there is some stigma around marrying a widowed or divorced woman, even in India’s fast-changing modern society. A TV commercial for jewelry brand Tanishq breaks new ground with a sweet, sentimental portrayal of a woman getting married for the second time around.

A bride with a dusky complexion (instead of the stereotypical fair-skinned beauty) is getting ready for her wedding but looking apprehensive. She talks animatedly and fondly with a little girl and walks with her to the mandap (the traditional Indian wedding ceremony). As the couple begins walking in a circle as part of their vows, the girl calls out to the bride, her mother, that she wants to go round and round with them. As the situation gets awkward and everyone tries to hush her, the groom calls out to the girl, picking her up before continuing with the ceremony. At the conclusion, she asks her stepfather, “Do I call you Daddy from now on?”

The brand smartly encourages India’s middle and upper middle classes to get more comfortable with the concept of a second marriage and helps to empower women with this progressive portrayal, showing the bride-to-be believing in herself. Tanishq has a history of offering modern portrayals of the Indian woman: A few years ago on our sister blog, JWTIntelligence, we wrote about a Tanishq commercial that depicted the new breed of independent, working women who don’t want to be rushed into the traditional arranged match.

Norway’s DnB NOR tells viewers not to live in fantasyland

In a recent ad for Norwegian bank DnB NOR that promotes savings accounts, a dazed woman awakes in a hotel suite with no memory of the previous night, finding only the scattered evidence of a wedding—with her as the bride and her groom donning the head of a horse. She realizes fortune has smiled upon her when in enters George Clooney, the man behind the equine mask. In no time, the two are huddled over a computer, searching for their future home. The ad closes with “Some people are lucky in life. For the rest of us, saving up can be smart.”

Echoing the message of Australia’s UBank (which we’ve highlighted here and here), DnB NOR is encouraging people facing an uncertain future to prepare responsibly for the road ahead. Casting Clooney is a clever way to convey that the odds of suddenly striking it rich are all but nil (the widely lusted-after ladies’ man has long said he’s uninterested in a second go at marriage). The bank humorously tells viewers that fantasies may be fun to entertain, but these days there are no fairy-tale endings.