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Pet food mirrors human trends as consumer concern over ingredients extends to pets

These days people are anxious about what goes into their food, looking for items that are “natural” and “free” of just about anything. And with consumers more cognizant of ingredients in their own food, they’re paying more attention to their pets’ meals. In response, marketers are offering products that cater to the growing interest in pet nutrition. Pet food giant Iams offers a line of all-natural dog food, and Purina has beyOnd, made with natural ingredients.

More dog owners are also sharing their own meals. As ABC News reports, Gayle Pruitt, a nutritionist and chef, recently wrote a cookbook about preparing joint meals for humans and pets. Dog-Gone Good Cuisine: More Healthy, Fast and Easy Recipes for You and Your Pooch promises time- and money-saving recipes to feed your dog the same dinner you make for yourself.

Taking a cue from the trend of treating Fido’s nutrition and cuisine like your own, some pet food companies are going beyond just “all natural.” Innova has a new line of pet food that promises “real, wholesome ingredients from places we know, grown and raised with care.” Recipes incorporate farm-raised turkey, cold-water salmon and ranch-raised bison. There are even gluten- and dairy-free options, from Heights Farm Premium Pet Foods in the U.K. And a small pet bakery, Boston Baked Bonz, offers organic and animal-free treats, like wheat-free cranberry clove muffins and quinoa cookies.

Wonder when we’ll see doggy kale chips go mainstream? Restaurants for both you and your pup? With consumers spending more and more to ensure their pets’ well-being—Americans spent a record $55.7 billion on their pets in 2013—that might be sooner than you think.

Petco’s Whole Pets website provides ‘pet parents’ with information hub

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Communicating and understanding our pets is difficult. Are they enjoying their food? Feeling upset? Happy? How do they feel about sleeping in the bed versus on the floor? How can we really know? The unknown creates anxiety, particularly for pet parents who want to give their pet the world. So Petco and JWT agency Digitaria developed WholePets, a digital content hub for all things pets—giving pet parents a hub to find sound recommendations on how to address pets’ physical, mental, social and emotional needs.

You can filter tips by pet type and topic to find details on Cat Nutrition 101, for instance, or house training a new dog. Having an online destination with go-to tips from a trusted source not only helps to relieve anxiety about how to enhance pets’ lives but ultimately to be better, happier parents.

Photo Credit: wholepets.petco.com