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Quality certification helps Czech wineries attract tourists

logo_wineWhile Czech tourism was expected to decline this year, the traditional wine-growing region in the south is seeing more visitors. Some of this is due to more Czechs taking staycations (saving money by sticking to their home country instead of traveling abroad), but vintners believe that certification of wineries in the area has also helped. The certification logo—a visual pun on a tulip as a wine glass, using the colors of the Czech flagguarantees the quality of wine cellars, accommodations in the area, restaurants with wine themes, etc. As many as 71 percent of certified facilities have noticed more tourists compared to last year.

At a time when anxiety and fear are prevalent, there’s a demand for safety and security. Cautious consumers want assurance that they’ll get a certain level of quality for their money. With a third-party guarantee of quality, they’re more likely to feel that it’s OK to treat themselves.