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WotWentWrong app lets daters elicit answers from exes

Dating is fraught with anxiety, especially when someone seems to suddenly lose interest, leaving the spurned party wondering what they did wrong or what they might have done differently. To help daters gain closure, learn from their mistakes and adjust their behavior going forward, Australia-based WotWentWrong is a free Web app that sends a feedback request to a former date or partner on the user’s behalf. The recipient can select from multiple-choice answers and has the option to type in additional explanations as to how things went awry. To encourage people to respond, the app shares the requester’s own assessment of the ex on several key attributes, so there can be a mutual exchange.

While the answers may ultimately add anxiety to the dating process for some users, those who are open to frank criticism may be able to stop repeating bad habits and become more successful in the dating game. Online dating services have always focused on the perfect match rather than helping the user become better at dating or relating. This tool bolsters those services by adding a new value with the potential to alleviate consumer anxiety in a meaningful way. With today’s consumers seeking out more tangible forms of value from the brands they spend time with, watch for smart marketers to take inspiration from these sorts of offerings.